International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association


International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry Summit

Hydrogen is an important alternative to traditional fossil energy sources and an important path towards global carbon neutrality. Driven by the goal of carbon neutrality, developing hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles has become a global consensus.

Nowadays, there is an urgent need to promote the whole hydrogen chain, including production, storage, transportation, refueling and application, and to strengthen the research and development, demonstration and large-scale application of key hydrogen technologies. Fuel cell vehicles are an important breakthrough for the application of hydrogen in the transportation field, with transportation as a pioneer, and gradually expanding the application of hydrogen in other fields.

Co-organized by the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (IHFCA), China Society of Automotive Engineers (China SAE), H2KOREA and Korea Automobile & Mobility Association (KAMA), the International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry Summit will be held from May 22 to 24 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. With distinguished guests from around the world, the participants will share views on the industry, technology, standards, regulation, etc.

Distinguished guests include senior representatives from China Association for Science and Technology, Mr. Jaehong Kim, Chairman of H2KOREA, Mr. Gunther Beger, managing director from UNIDO, Mr. Ouyang Minggao, professor from Tsinghua University and Chairman of IHFCA, Mr. Zhang Jinhua, Chairman of China SAE, Ms. Wang Ju, Secretary General of IHFCA, Mr. Namhoon Kang, President of KAMA, Mr. Yu Zhuoping, professor from Tongji University, Mr. Wu Zhixin, deputy general manager of China Automotive Technology and Research Center, etc. For more detail about the summit, please refer to the following agenda.

We look forward to seeing you next week in Seoul!