International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association


IHFCA 2024 Work Plan

Looking ahead at 2024, IHFCA will continue its efforts in promoting global hydrogen and fuel cell development. 2024 will see IHFCA focusing on international exchange and cooperation, industry policy research, standard development, member services, hydrogen promoting events, internal management, international partnership development, member service, and global reputation.

International Exchange and Cooperation

  • Hold a conference on hydrogen topics in U.S. in May.

  • Hold international hydrogen and fuel cell summit in Japan/Korea in May.

  • Hold FCVC 2024 in Shanghai, China in June.

  • Participate in the hydrogen summit in Europe in September.

  • Participate in COP29 in Azerbaijan and hold a hydrogen forum in November.

  • Hold three international hydrogen technology forums (Date TBD).

Industry Policy Research

  • Publish influential research reports with other entities.

  • Form policy suggestions by undertaking major projects.

  • Participate in international programs.

  • GEF-8 Program: Green Hydrogen Energy Integrated Demonstration Project in China.

Standard Development

By establishing the Standard Committee, IHFCA will:

  • Hold the first session of the first board meeting of IHFCA Standard Committee.

  • Continue to organize the standard expert team.

  • Refine IHFCA’s standard system.

  • Formulate Standard Technology Development Roadmap.

  • Submit proposals to ISO TC197.

  • Carry out standard research work along with China SAE.

  • Propose standard projects covering the entire hydrogen chain.

  • Organize hydrogen and fuel cell standard forums.

Hydrogen Promoting Events

  • A series of hydrogen promoting events under GEF-8 program.

  • Fuel Cell Vehicle Itinerant (FCVI 2024).

Internal Management

  • ISO 37301 Certification

  • The Fourth Session of the First Executive Board Meeting of IHFCA

International Partnership Development

  • Connect with major hydrogen enterprises and organizations;

  • Establish close relationship with international organizations, national embassies, and industry institutions.

Member Service

  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Journals.

  • High-quality industry exchange conferences.

  • Tailored consulting services.

  • An industry cooperation platform.

Global Reputation

In 2024, IHFCA aims to expand and make connections with major international media platforms to enhance its popularity and influence on a global level.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your long-standing support to IHFCA over the years. In 2024, we will continue to devote ourselves into the hydrogen and fuel cell industry, combating climate change and promoting a green and low-carbon society. We look forward to joining hands with our members and partners to contribute to the prosperity and sustainable development of global hydrogen industry and a shared future of mankind!