International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association


Highlights of IHFCA's Work in 2023

Looking Back at IHFCA’s 2023

2023 was an important year in the development journey of the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (IHFCA). Reflecting on the past, IHFCA faced numerous challenges and achieved notable successes. Throughout the year, IHFCA made significant progress in various areas. We not only promoted internal collaboration within our organization but also strengthened relationships with external partners. Through continuous innovation, we successfully launched influential projects and activities, laying a solid foundation for the sustainable development of our organization.

We thank each member and partner for your support and contributions over the past year and look forward to a brighter future together, devoting to the development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and building a clean, sustainable future.

1.Approval as ISO/TC197 A-Category Liaison Organization (January)

Actively participating in international standard setting:

In January 2023, IHFCA was approved by the member states' votes of ISO/TC197, becoming an A-Category Liaison Organization of this technical committee. ISO/TC197, an ISO committee, primarily manages standards related to hydrogen energy technologies and includes 34 participating member countries and 18 observing member countries.

2.Completion of National Ministries and Local Government-Commissioned Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry Development Research Topics (February-September)

Advising national government departments and aiding the development of China's hydrogen energy industry:

From February to September 2023, IHFCA submitted reports and suggestions on hydrogen energy, fuel cells, and hydrogen safety for vehicles to the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, providing professional advice and support to China's hydrogen energy policymakers.

3.Launch of ISO 37301 Compliance Management System Certification (April)

Standardizing organization compliance work:

To standardize IHFCA’s compliance management and improve governance, IHFCA officially launched the ISO37301 Compliance Management System certification. Under the guidance of professional consulting organizations, IHFCA reviewed existing documents, conducted risk assessments, and began compiling the "International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association Compliance Management Manual," "Anti-Corruption and Anti-Commercial Bribery Compliance Risk Prevention Guideline," "Data Security Compliance Risk Prevention Guideline," and "Anti-Monopoly Compliance Risk Prevention Guideline," organizing compliance training.

4.International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Industry Collaboration and Exchange Conference (April 3, Beijing, China)

Promoting high-quality, rapid development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles:

On April 3, the exchange conference was held in Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone, focusing on policies, technologies, demonstrations, standards, testing, and collaboration in the early stages of commercial development of fuel cell vehicles, emphasizing the importance of industrial chain collaborative innovation for the industry's development. The live broadcast of the meeting attracted widespread attention from the industry, with viewership exceeding ten thousand.

5.International Technology Exchange Conference of High-Performance Alkaline Electrolyzers (April 18)

Focusing on in-depth discussions on Alkaline-electrolytic cell technology:

The meeting invited 20 authoritative experts and business representatives from the Alkaline-electrolytic cell industry to speak and held roundtable discussions on policy, industry, technology, and economic issues encountered in the development of the hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle industry. The meeting was well-received for effectively promoting exchange in the Alkaline-electrolytic hydrogen production industry.

6.Research Report of The Detailed Catalogue Of All Transportation Sectors (April Start, First Draft Completed by End of October)

Promoting energy transformation in the transportation sector:

Jointly released with the United Nations Council of Engineers for the Energy Transition (CEET), this report critically reviews the transportation sector's dependence on fossil fuels and the urgent need for decarbonization to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions. It provides comprehensive guidance for informed decision-making by deeply analyzing various clean energy solutions in road, maritime, aviation, and railway industries.

7.International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Standards Summit (May 11, China, Macau)

Focusing on the mutual recognition, interoperability, and integration of hydrogen energy and fuel cell standards internationally:

This summit, held in the Macau Special Administrative Region, centered the discussion of hydrogen energy standardization within an international context. The summit attracted numerous international industry representatives, scholars, and standard research personnel. It reflected the international emphasis on hydrogen energy standards in terms of scale, attendees, topics, etc., and promoted the international development of hydrogen energy standards.

Gang WAN, Chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, attended the summit and delivered a speech:

At the summit, Gang WAN, Chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, made a speech in which he pointed out that the standardization of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology plays a crucial role in promoting scientific and technological progress, expanding application fields, ensuring safe operation, and leading the high-quality development of the industry. Standards are the cornerstone of the healthy and regulated development of the hydrogen energy industry. Low-carbon development brings new opportunities for the standardization of the hydrogen energy industry, and continuous advancement in the comprehensive application of hydrogen energy has laid a practical foundation for the standardization of the hydrogen energy industry. He emphasized the need to improve the top-level design and standard system construction of hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry technology standards, enhance the effectiveness of standardization governance; to insist on innovative development and strengthen the formulation of key technical standards; to promote open cooperation and the coordinated development of standards, contributing to building a clean and beautiful new world and a community of shared future for humanity.

Promoting the Integration of Industry, Academia, and Research in the Hydrogen Energy Industry in the Greater Bay Area:

This summit focused international attention on hydrogen energy standardization in the Greater Bay Area and the Macau Special Administrative Region, attracting experts, scholars, and business representatives from the global hydrogen energy standards field. It promoted industry-academia-research cooperation and integrated development in the hydrogen energy industry in the Macau Special Administrative Region, creating opportunities and a solid standard foundation for the further development of the hydrogen energy industry in the region.

Student Groups:

The summit attracted a large number of new generation student groups from six universities, including the University of Macau, Macau University of Science and Technology, and Zhuhai College of Science and Technology. These groups included postdoctoral fellows, doctoral students, and graduate students specializing in hydrogen energy, truly covering the talent in hydrogen energy and focusing on the future and the younger generation.

8.Preparations for the Establishment of the IHFCA Standardization Working Committee (Initiated on May 11)

Preparation for the establishment of the IHFCA Standardization Working Committee:

The IHFCA organized experts in hydrogen energy, fuel cells, fuel cell vehicles, and other related fields, as well as member units, to discuss the framework of the association's standard system, progress in standardization work, and suggestions for the preparation of the future standardization working committee. The meeting laid the foundation for the industry and member units to deeply participate in the association's standardization work through the standard committee. It also played an active role in guiding and promoting the systematization and standardization of industry standardization work.

9.IHFCA Technical Innovation and Incubation Special Committee (Preparatory) (Launched in May)

Unearthing and incubating innovative technologies across the entire hydrogen energy industry chain:

The Technical Innovation and Incubation Special Committee is dedicated to promoting global research and application of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technologies. It is responsible for identifying innovative technologies in various fields (fuel cell passenger vehicles, fuel cell commercial vehicles, fuel cell components, hydrogen production, storage and transport, hydrogen infrastructure, policy standards and regulations, industry chain investment and financing, safety) related to hydrogen energy and fuel cells, with IHFCA’s relevant member institutions serving as chair and vice-chair. The committee will drive global innovation and application of hydrogen fuel cell technology through collaboration and coordination among various technical committees.

10.National Group Standard Information Platform Qualification Announcement (Completed Public Announcement on June 16)

Advancing the IHFCA Group Standard Formulation Work:

The IHFCA formulated the "International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association Standard Management Measures (Trial)", which was reviewed by the standing council via correspondence on April 19, 2023, and approved on April 25. Based on this, the IHFCA applied for the qualification to announce group standard work to the National Group Standard Information Platform. The public announcement was completed on June 16, laying the foundation for promoting the formulation of IHFCA group standards.

11.2023 International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress & Exhibition (July 5-7, Shanghai, China)

From July 5th to 7th, 2023, the International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress & Exhibition (FCVC 2023), co-hosted by the China Society of Automotive Engineers (China SAE) and the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (IHFCA), was successfully held at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center. The third session of IHFCA's first General Assembly was held concurrently. The event gathered over 1,000 attendees and attracted more than 7,000 professional visitors to the technology exhibition, marking a record in terms of visit scale.

Establishing Technical Theater:

The 2023 Technical Theater continued to draw high interest. The conference organized ten events: five technical presentations, three international events, one market research report sharing session, and one business promotion event. These provided the latest industry and cutting-edge technology content to the exhibition visitors, offering a rich participatory experience.

High International Participation in the Exhibition:

The exhibition saw a high participation rate of 41% from foreign exhibitors. FCVC 2023 collaborated with the Canadian Consulate, Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, Korean Consulate, Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, Dutch Consulate, and the Dutch Hydrogen Energy Industry Alliance to organize Canadian, Korean, Dutch, and German delegations. Over 30 overseas exhibitors showcased the latest research technologies and products, further promoting exchange and cooperation between domestic and international enterprises.

FCVC Factory Tour:

The IHFCA organized a tour for representatives from African Hydrogen Partnership, Baosheng Fuel Cell, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Bosch, and Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment, visiting the REFIRE Group, Shanghai Sunwise Energy Systems, JP New Energy , Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology, and Shanghai Jiading hydrogen energy port for exchanges. The guest delegation toured representative Shanghai manufacturers of fuel cell stack systems, catalysts, storage and transport equipment, and hydrogen station equipment, deepening their understanding of the development of various aspects of Shanghai's hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry and its products.

12.The Third Session of the First General Assembly of the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (July 6, Shanghai, China)

Holding the General Assembly to Report Progress:

The Third Session of the First General Assembly of the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association was successfully held on July 6, 2023, at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center, concurrently with the "International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress," using a combination of offline and online formats.

The meeting was chaired by Minggao OUYANG, Chairman of the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association, Professor at Tsinghua University, and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Members of IHFCA from both China and international institutions attended.

The meeting reviewed, voted on, and approved the "International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association 2022-2023 Annual Work Report" and the "Management Measures for Branches of the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association," achieving a successful conclusion.

13.United Nations Council of Engineers for the Energy Transition (July 12-14, New York, USA)

Participation in UN Energy Governance, Reporting Development Suggestions to the UN Secretary-General:

From July 12th to 14th, Ju WANG, Secretary-General of IHFCA, attended the United Nations Council of Engineers for the Energy Transition Council Meeting as an expert member. The council presented technical pathways and development suggestions for achieving carbon neutrality and energy transition to UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

In the context of the UN's global sustainable development goals and to promote the achievement of global carbon neutrality, the United Nations Council of Engineers for the Energy Transition established special working groups on transportation, renewable energy, and other areas. As the leader of the transportation working group, Secretary-General Ju WANG proposed three parallel technological pathways for the integrated development of new energy and new energy vehicles. She analyzed the core technologies and industrial development of electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The council members reached a consensus on the role of hydrogen energy in energy conservation, emission reduction, and achieving carbon neutrality goals.

14.H2 Meet Conference in South Korea (September 12-16, Goyang, South Korea)

Active Participation in International Hydrogen Energy Conference, Enhancing Communication and Exchange:

From September 12th to 16th, IHFCA was invited to participate in the 2023 South Korea Hydrogen Industry Fair (H2MEET 2023) held in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. H2MEET 2023, co-hosted by the Korea Automotive & Mobility Association (KAMA) and the Hydrogen Fusion Alliance Bureau (H2KOREA), is the largest hydrogen energy exhibition in South Korea. It aims to provide a platform for industrial exchange and cooperation in the field of hydrogen energy for businesses around the world.

15.Becoming a Participant in the Pilot Internationalization of Chinese Association for Science and Technology Group Standards (September) Promoting the Internationalization of Group Standards:

In September 2023, IHFCA became a pilot unit for the internationalization of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology group standards. Leveraging its status as a Category A liaison organization with ISO/TC197, IHFCA hosted the "Digital Development and Practice of Group Standards" salon in Guangdong on September 21, 2023, and the "Group Standards Facilitating Industrial Digital Transformation" salon in Beijing on November 30, 2023. The association conducted policy interpretation of the "Interim Provisions on the Recommended National Standards Adoption of Group Standards," explored trends in standard digitization, shared digital standard case studies, and carried out specialized research on standards in the Greater Bay Area. These activities aimed to explore the internationalization of Chinese group standards.

16.Successful application for the GEF-8 "China Green Hydrogen Energy Comprehensive Demonstration Application" project and hosting of the project introduction and results discussion meeting (November 9, Beijing, China)

Promoting the implementation of international green hydrogen projects:

Based on the Global Environment Facility's (GEF) financial support for developing countries in greenhouse gas reduction projects, and considering the advantages of green hydrogen and its future prospects in various fields, IHFCA, with the support of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, has collaborated with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization to launch a large-scale comprehensive demonstration application project for green hydrogen energy in Ningxia Ningdong, Liaoning Dalian, and Shenyang, areas rich in renewable energy resources. The project has successfully been approved at the conceptual stage.

Over the next five years, IHFCA will continue to follow up on the project's progress, contributing efforts to the reduction of global carbon emissions.

17.ISO/TC 197 Annual Meeting (November 13-17, Vienna, Austria)

Actively participating in international standardization:

From November 13th to 17th, the 32nd ISO/TC 197 Hydrogen Technologies annual meeting, hosted by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, was successfully held in Vienna, Austria. IHFCA Secretary-General Ju WANG was invited to attend this meeting and shared a work report.

18.28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (December 2-10, Dubai, UAE)

Successfully making an appearance at an international top-level conference platform and actively participating in important international climate change events:

IHFCA was invited to participate in multiple events in the Blue Zone, Green Zone, Climate Action Innovation Zone, and concurrently at the United Nations Council of Engineers for the Energy Transition (CEET). The focus was on energy transition, the application of low-carbon hydrogen in the transportation and industrial sectors, sharing successful cases of China's new energy vehicles, etc., contributing to the promotion of global climate governance and action.

19.2023 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Itinerary (December 1, 3, 4, Beijing, China)

All vehicles are licensed for real open road travel:

The vehicles participating in this itinerary are no longer test vehicles, but are licensed vehicles with actual "road rights."

Gathering the most passenger car models:

Vehicles participating in this event include SAIC Maxus's MIFA Hydrogen, Hyundai's NEXO, Toyota's MIRAI, Deepal's SL03 Hydrogen Electric Hybrid, and GAC's Aion LX Fuel Cell. A total of 8 passenger cars participated in the itinerary, making it the event with the most gathered hydrogen passenger car models to date.

Itinerary on open roads in a top-tier city:

This parade took place in Beijing, a top-tier international metropolis. It started from the Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone, toured the Imperial College, passed through Chang'an Street, traveled along the Third Ring Road, crossed the Bird's Nest, toured the Badaling Expressway, and finally ascended to the Juyong Pass of the Great Wall. The total driving distance exceeded 200 kilometers, sharing the open roads with other vehicles.

20.2023 World New Energy Vehicle Congress "Low-Carbon Hydrogen Energy Technology Innovation and Promotion Application Forum" (December 7-9, Haikou, Hainan)

Supporting a high-level international conference:

On December 8, at the 2023 World New Energy Vehicle Congress, the "Low-Carbon Hydrogen Energy Technology Innovation and Promotion Application Forum," hosted by the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association and the China Society of Automotive Engineers, was held at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center in Haikou, Hainan. The congress invited leaders of international organizations in the field of hydrogen energy, industry experts, and corporate executives to engage in in-depth discussions on topics such as the orderly development of low-carbon hydrogen energy and innovative technologies and applications of low-carbon hydrogen energy.

21.2023 Solid-State Hydrogen Storage Technology Forum (December 15, Beijing, China)

The forum is of a very high professional and technical standard:

The forum invited nearly twenty renowned experts and corporate executives in the field of solid-state hydrogen storage to share the latest advancements, practical applications, and cases in solid-state hydrogen storage technology. This includes Lijun JIANG, Chief Expert of China GRINM Group Corporation Limited, Director of GRIMAT Engineering Institute Co., Ltd., Xiang LI, Director of Gas Cylinder Department, China Special Equipment Testing and Research Institute (CSETRI), Researcher Hujun CAO from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Jianxin ZOU from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and other experts and corporate executives such as Huimin LU, Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Technology Director and Chief Scientist of the Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute. These participants represent the Chinese level in this technology field. The forum attracted industry attention, with over 50,000 people participating both online and offline.

22.Undertaking a research project on hydrogen safety management consultancy for fuel use in Hong Kong by an internationally renowned consulting firm (December)

Providing consultancy services for international hydrogen safety projects:

1) Participating in a literature review on the regulatory framework and standards for hydrogen as a fuel globally, evaluating different legislative options (such as amending Chapter 51 or introducing new legislation), and recommending the best legislative approach.

2) Participating in the development of a comprehensive regulatory framework for the use of hydrogen as a fuel in Hong Kong (including appropriate standards, requirements, and practices integrated from the literature review), and formulating a plan to implement the legislation.

3) Participating in a Business Impact Assessment (BIA), evaluating the potential regulatory, economic, and social impacts that the outlined proposal framework may have on various sectors of society and relevant hydrogen stakeholders.

23.Participation in Hydrogen Energy Industry Exchange Meetings (April, June, September)

Contributing ideas and strategies for regional hydrogen energy development:

On April 17, IHFCA Secretary-General Ju WANG was invited to attend the first Hydrogen Energy Development Conference and delivered a keynote speech titled "The Current Status and Development Trends of Hydrogen Energy Applications in the Automotive Field."

On June 27, IHFCA Secretary-General Ju WANG gave a keynote speech titled "Global Hydrogen Energy Industry Development and Platinum Demand Analysis" at the 2023 SPW Shanghai Platinum Week and China Platinum Group Metals Market Summit.

On September 7, IHFCA Secretary-General Ju WANG was invited to attend the 2023 Taiyuan Energy Low-Carbon Development Forum and presented a special report titled "Global Progress and Outlook on Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Vehicle Industry."

On September 14, IHFCA was invited to participate in the China (Western) Hydrogen Energy Conference held in Yulin, Shaanxi. This conference focused on the latest products, technologies, and equipment in the hydrogen energy field under the "dual carbon" goals, as well as the application of hydrogen energy in transportation, energy, chemical, and other fields.

On September 26, the 2023 China Western Hydrogen Energy Conference, themed "Leading the Transformation with Hydrogen Energy and Creating a Zero-Carbon Future Together," opened in Karamay, Xinjiang. At this conference, IHFCA and the Karamay Municipal Government reached a strategic cooperation agreement on the hydrogen energy industry.

24.Providing services such as monthly and quarterly journals to members (throughout the year)

Focusing on serving members as the main work thread:

Providing monthly and quarterly journals as well as various research reports, to members. This effort aids in creating an international exchange and cooperation platform covering the entire industry chain. It provides members with insights into industry dynamics, helping them to timely determine their own development direction and adjust development strategies.